Book presentation by John Burkart

October 29,lesung-a5-karte-john-burkharte_1_orig 2017 in Immensee

Forty guests were expected, a hundred came. We had to move to the big chapel. Ursula Landtwing, the publisher, presented the book project: A life as a foster child, hired hand, cheese-maker apprentice, missionary brother in Zimbabwe.

After that, the author himself spoke. In dialect he described half a dozen situations in which his life was in acute danger, including the birth itself, an accident at the cesspit, the threat of guerrilla fighters. Then John gave some samples from the book: his first love with Alice and the friendship ring he received from her as a gift. At the same time his inner calling to become a missionary brother. Letting go. «The ring fell in a big arc into the depth of the water».

John Burkart thanked all those who helped him create the book: Joe Elsener, Dr. Herbert Aschwanden, Walter Huwiler. «They gave me confidence and actively supported me in many ways. Without their help it would not have been possible to write this book».

Album of the book presentation