Furlough Seminar 2016 at the Mission House


From August 9th to 12th twenty missionaries on home-leave experienced a very intense meeting at the Mission House, organized by Mrs. Rita Kammerlander and Father Josef Christen SMB.

After getting to know each and an impressive light celebration, the next morning Josef Meili began with the very impressive Seminar: “The name of God is mercy”. He presented not only texts from the Old and New Testament. Even Islam and Eastern religions worship God as the divine and merciful.

On the last day, the participants visited together the monastery of St. Urban, with its centuries-long history. The Cistercian Monastery of St. Urban was founded in 1194 by monks of the Abbey Lützel in Alsace with the assistance of free noble families from the Oberaargau. The monastery evolved in the course of its existence to the religious and spiritual, stately and economic center of the border area of the cantons of Bern, Solothurn, Aargau and Lucerne.

With time, despite multiple conversions and extensions the medieval monastery no longer satisfied the monks, so in the first half of the 18th century the religious employed an architect from Vorarlberg, Franz Beer, to plan and build a new monastery from scratch. It is now one of the most impressive examples of Baroque and Cistercian architecture and culture in Switzerland.

After seeing the historic sites, the missionaries celebrated Eucharist, together with the local community.

On September 9, Fr. Josef Meili will lead a recolletion day for confreres, in the attic of the Mission House.