Information event for “House of Youth” in the Missions House

Informationsabend-4On July 13th, 19:00, an information evening took place in the foyer of the Mission House 1, introducing the establishment of a centre in the currently vacant premises of the building for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.

Ms. Elze and Mr. Cott from Canton Schwyz and Ms. Würms from Caritas provided information about the project in a personally and professionally confident way. The name “House of Youth” was chosen because it is not planned to be an anonymous centre, but a home for these to some extent traumatized young people.

The questions of the numerous assembled residents and neighbours were answered honestly. It is good to know that an experienced team will care for and supervise the home round the clock. Where a group of up to 50 young people live together, there will inevitably be problems. But the years of experience of those in charge and of the cantonal authorities promise a competent dealing with, and solution of these problems.

The vote of one participant: “The whole team are doing a good job, we welcome you warmly”, was greeted with a long applause. Finally, the aperitif was a good meeting platform for individual questions and discussions between the authorities and the residents.