Instructor’s course for Chinese pastors

P1110552From July 1st to 13th, we were privileged to accommodate a course for Chinese pastors at the Mission House. All the participants had already attended a basic course with us. One of the priests, after completing his doctorate in Münster, decided to take care of Chinese students in Munich for two years. After her studies, one of the sisters has temporally undertaken the care of the increasing number of Chinese pilgrims in Lourdes. Three priests will complete their doctoral studies before returning to China. But most will soon return to China. In the evaluation at the end of the course, they professed that this course gave them a most valuable framework for their re-entry into the pastoral care and teaching in their home dioceses. They will indeed disperse from southern Fujian to Qiqihar, the northernmost diocese in China. But they promised to stay in contact with one another and with the more than 400 former participants of our over thirty courses.

Course instructor, Rita Chen Baumann, has indeed received numerous invitations from all over China to conduct such workshops on site. But we are convinced that now is the time to let our former participants conduct such courses themselves in the various areas of China. As an example, participants of our Instructor’s course of autumn 2015 already met last month to plan such courses. We will possibly participate in some of these courses there, not as organizers, but as companions.

This course certainly raised the sound levels for a while at the Mission House. But many confreres and staff assured me that they really appreciated the presence of these young pastors.

In September we will conduct another course here, this time all participants will come from different colleges in Rome.