Meeting of Chinese pastors in Rome

P1060135In April each year, the Association “同舟 – In the same boat” of Chinese priests, sisters and seminarians studying in Rome has its annual meeting. Previously, students of various Collegios had little contact among themselves. After our first workshop for them at Immensee in 2008 they founded this association in order to maintain contact with each other. Meanwhile, the secretariate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples has become aware of this association. It particularly appreciates the spirit of unity among them, because for them there is only one church. They do not distinguish between official- and underground Church.
In Easter week Rita Chen has now offered a two-day input, which helps them to find and understand their special place in the Chinese Church. A group of them will participate in an instructors’ course in July at Immensee, before returning to China.

Project: China, ongoing pastoral formation