Training for Chinese Pastors

2014 Heiligkreuz 089This fall again a training course for Chinese pastors who are studying in Europe was commissioned by the Taiwan SMB region, carried out in the recreation home of the Holycross Sisters of Ingenbohl in Heiligkreuz LU. Just over half of the participants are trained at various universities in Rome. Another large group studies at the Faculty of Theology of the Divine Word in St. Augustin near Bonn. One of the sisters completed a Hungarian language study in Budapest, because she belongs to a congregation founded in Hungary.

Although Ms. Rita Chen has conducted these courses over thirty times, each course is unique. What struck me about this group was: Each and every one of them have their own opinion and represent them also powerfully. This is very important in communicative theology, because you can only communicate if you know the position of your counterpart. That is also what the participants in our courses so appreciate, that everything may be talked about here and pastors from the official and in the underground church communicate together. In China, there are still many taboos in this regard; but the network that is built up through these courses, gives us hope for a fruitful cooperation between these pastors when they are back in China.