Young asylum seekers at the Mission House

P1170761Two groups of 13 to 17 year-old boys arrived on August 16th and 17th 2016 at the “House of Youth” in the Mission House 1. They hope to be integrated again into society. They were received warmly by the supervising team of Caritas Switzerland.

The General Council of the Mission Society was also there to welcome them. We were pleasantly surprised at how these young Afghans, Eritreans, Syrians and Somalis could follow the introductions of Ms. Annamarie in German and how they tried their best to introduce themselves to us in German. However, we will probably have trouble remembering their names.

We were impressed with how the Caritas team knew how to break the ice and to initiate the first steps together. Residents of the Mission House are invited on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to attend a joint coffee break from 15.30 and so establish contact with our guests.

During our visits, over tea and cakes, there are good discussions, both with the teenagers and with their supervisors.

We want to include the success of the integration of these doubtlessly traumatized young people in our prayers!