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Farewell to Joseph Schmidlin †

Born: 1. 4. 1923. Ordination: 16. 4. 1952. Pastor of various communities in Japan: Matsuo (mines), Ichinoseki and Miyako: 1956-1963. Co-worker in the region of Iwateken: 1963-1967. Pastoral ministry in Morioka-Shake Liturgical publications, media work: 1968-2001. Return to the Mother House in Immensee: 2001-2015. Deceased on: 22. 9. 2015. “Where I live, it is most […]

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Instructors’ course in Singapore

Communicative Theology for Chinese pastoral trainers, Singapore, 2015: „Encounter Christ in the Community“ Background Many of the Chinese sisters, priests and seminarians, who took part in one of our seminars for Communicative Theology in Switzerland and have returned to China after completing their studies, feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing them. Most have multiple roles […]

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