About us

Who are we?

We are…

A community of priests and brothers
called to participate in the missionary service of the Church
in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe

We live and work in…


China: from 1926 to 1953
Japan: since 1948 in the Sendai Diocese (Iwate District)
Taiwan: since 1953 in the Hualien Diocese , Gaoxiong and Taipei
Philippines: from 1985 to 2013


Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: since 1938 Diocese Gweru und Masvingo (since 1999)
Kenya: since 1978
Zambia: since 1969
Mozambique: since 1993

Latin America

Columbia: since 1953
Peru: from 1975 to 2013
Ecuador: from 1977 to 2012
Bolivia: from 1992 to 2012
Haïti: from 1972 to 2002


Mother House Immensee
RomeroHouse, Lucerne: since 1986
Torry Fribourg
Pastoral assignments in Switzerland and Germany

North America

USA: from 1950 to 1992

We are associated

with the other Mission Societies of Apostolic Life (MISAL)
with the Bethlehem Mission Immensee (BMI)


We are looking for

Men who want to get involved in missionary service in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

We offer …

Information and support,
Intercultural life and work.



Missionshaus Bethlehem
P. Martin Jäggi
Bethlehemweg 10
6405 Immensee

Tel. +41 41 854 12 01