The archive of the Mission Society was moved in autumn 2014 and is now deposited in the Canton Archive in Lucerne. The archive contains the documents relating to the history of the SMB and its prehistory since 1895, the documents of the Institute Bethlehem und of the Gymnasium up to the setting up of the Foundation in 1995, and the documents of the countries of engagement such as  China, Zimbabwe, Japan, Taiwan und Colombia including many pictures. The completion of the work on the archives will take several years because of the amount of material. The documents are available for research work and inquiries.

Link to the Canton Archive: https://staatsarchiv.lu.ch/projekte/missionsgesellschaft

For information and inquiries contact:
Elisabeth Vetter, Archivarin, lic. phil., MAS IS
Tel. 041 228 53 82, E-Mail: Elisabeth.Vetter@lu.ch