Missionary engagement in Mozambique goes back to an initiative from Zimbabwe. Once the greater part of the leadership in parishes and institutions had been taken over by local personnel, a younger SMB group decided to work in the rebuilding of the border area of Mozambique, an area that had suffered during the civil war.

Altogether there were four SMB members working in this country

At the present time Alois Graf is the only member doing parish pastoral work there in the diocese of Chimio.


Paul Peng wrote about his time in Mozambique:

In 1970 I went out to Rhodesia, (today Zimbabwe) where I worked for 28 years.

In both countries I was engaged in pastoral parish work amongst the rural population. That meant the development of Christian communities as places where justice, reconciliation, brotherly love and solidarity could be practised and lived

Two things motivated me during my engagement.

Firstly: The conviction that the way of Jesus is a way to a better life.

Secondly: Sharing the thoughts and actions of the people concerned.

And thus I was continuously able to experience that I wasn’t only a giver, but that I also richly received. .

Paul Peng, presently Parish Priest in Oberiberg, Schweiz