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Tribute to Paul Ehrler †

“My Lord and my God, take me and make entirely yours”
(Brother Klaus’s hermitage prayer – Paul’s favourite).

Not everyone can claim to have produced two bishops. We can say that about Paul Ehrler. He was a missionary in southern Africa and taught in the small seminary of Chikwingwisha for five years. At this secondary school in the diocese of Gwelo, pupils studied who were interested in serving in the Church …

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Tribute to Josef Haag †

Josef grew up in Gabris, Canton Thurgau, and attended grammar school in Immensee. He obtained his Matura with a straight six. In 1951 he joined the Bethlehem Missionary Society and was ordained priest in 1957.
In the same year, at the age of 27, Joseph left for what was then Southern Rhodesia. It may surprise us that it took him only half a year to learn English and the Shona language…

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Tribute to John Burkart †

John has received the appreciation he really deserves with his book “We had enough room” and in the film “End of the Mission”.
So it is my concern to express praise and thanks to God which, in my opinion, was somewhat neglected in the film. We have every reason to sing the Magnificat, because God also did great things for John. …

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Farewell to Igo Gassner †

Dear relatives and friends of Igo, dear confreres,
Someone told me that Igo always remained a seeker. Here I would like to try to follow this searching path with you.
Igo was born in 1937, the second of five children, in Sorengo, Ticino, and lived in Chiasso until he was five years old when he moved with his family to his parents’ home in Flums, where he first had to learn Swiss German …

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Tribute for Ueli Scherer †

Dear people gathered to bid farewell to Ueli Scherer, it is perhaps a little unusual to choose the Christmas Gospel (Lk 2:8-14) at a memorial service for someone who has died. But I think that the good news of the angels to the shepherds, i.e. the good news to the world, fits Ueli, because the goal of his missionary activity was always to proclaim good news …

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Tribute to Charles Renner †

Dear Charles.
We are saddened by your death. Together with your relatives and friends, we are more than affected, we are hurt. As fellow wounded, we share in your bleeding head injury on the cold night of your dying. Charles, your own notes at least partially answer hesitant questions …

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Farewell to Pius Bättig †

Pius Bättig, our Africa missionary, grew up on a farm close to the parish church in Oberlunkhofen, He had a happy childhood together with four sisters and two brothers. He attended the primary school in Oberlunkhofen followed by the district school in Bremgarten …

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Appreciation for Alois Arnold – Hermano Wisi †

“Sad night, the death of Hermanito Luis troubles me. He will always be present in my soul and in my heart.” This is how Célida, a long-time employee in Colombia, reacted. One Hermano Wisi employee wrote: “Many people are grieved, especially those who learnt a lot from Hermano Wisi. We will remember him and think of him for the rest of our lives.” What Hermano Wisi writes in his résumé about the people who will not forget him seems to me to be an answer: “Today I look back on the 27 years in Colombia with joy and fulfillment. We were a great enrichment for one another.”

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Farewell to Hans Holenstein †

«Believing in your resurrection my heart hopes for your light and your love» (from the parting words of Hans) On June 15th this year Anton Züger, the last SMB missionary still living in Japan, died. On Sunday 4th October 2020, our senior, Hans Holenstein, one of the three SMB Japan-missionaries still alive, finally returned to […]

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