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Peace work in Colombia

Dead end violence: For the past 60 years Colombia is locked in a permanent state of war. In a system in which the needs and concerns of the campesinos were not taken into account, armed groups emerged, to forcibly build a fairer system. In these sixty years the political situation in the country has changed and so […]

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Sambia: Tikondane Orphanage

Tikondane Orphanage Centre Kabwe: The Tikondane Orphanage was founded by the married couple, Jürg and Elsbeth Noti, together with Zambian women. The home is situated in Zambia, close to the St Augustine Mpima Major Seminary where the Notis worked in a voluntary capacity with the Bethlehem Mission Society from 1982 until 1986. Since their return […]

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Chikupi Vocational School

Chikupi lies in the shallow valley of the Kafue River 1025 masl. The nearest town is called Kafue. It is located about 20 km east of the vocational training center Chikupi. This small town is located 45 km south of the capital Lusaka. Project History: The young people in this rural area hardly have a […]

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China: Further training for pastoral workers

The situation: Following a visit in 2006 from Fr Karl Stähli and Br. Laurenz Schelbert, both SMB, to the first mission area of the Bethlehem Mission Society in the northern Chinese Diocese of Qiqihar in the province of Heilongjiang, both were very intensely confronted with the needs of the Church in China: shortcomings in the […]

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