Chikupi Vocational School


Chikupi lies in the shallow valley of the Kafue River 1025 masl. The nearest town is called Kafue. It is located about 20 km east of the vocational training center Chikupi. This small town is located 45 km south of the capital Lusaka.

Project History:

The young people in this rural area hardly have a chance after primary school to learn a profession for financial reasons. In June 2009, therefore, the Italian NGO Centro Educativo Orientamento has started the construction of the vocational training center. The EU paid 75% of the construction costs. The first vocational school classes for brick layers has started in April 2010. Towards the end of the year one class each could be opened in agriculture, metal processing and tailoring. The tuition for this full-time education is only $ 120 per year plus CHF 75.- for the final government examination. Learners receive daily lunch go home at night or live with relatives in the. The missing money for operating costs such as teacher salaries and school supplies should be generated by the 18 ha affiliate farm. The Italian NGO withdrew in 2012 because of the financial crisis in Zambia and handed the professional school over to the Cath. Church of Zambia.

Personal Development Cooperation:

In this form of development cooperation a sending organization in the north provides professionals for several years for free to a project partner in the global south. It bears the cost of living of a simple lifestyle, the preparation and the round trip. The project partner is responsible for the project and the project activities.

Project order:

The theoretical and practical training should be improved technically and educationally through training of teachers, curriculum development and acquisition of teaching materials. The vocational training center is to be registered officially and recognized, so that among other things the teachers are paid by the Zambian government. The farm is meant to produce organically and yield a profit, so that the center is financially independent from the outside. It aims to provide practical training opportunities for young people in the fields of organic farming, pig farming, fish farming, poultry farming, fruit growing, market research and trade in agricultural products. Initially the qualified person runs the training center in the status of a director. A Zambian team is involved from the outset in the management tasks. In this first phase, the project still needs financial help from abroad, as the infrastructure of the farm is only half finished.

Current Situation:

In the last school year, 46 students attended vocational school. In the first week of April, 40 of them completed the state final examination and all have passed. Six of them unfortunately could not pay the money in time. In May 2013, the new academic year started with 70 students. In addition to the theoretical and practical training, general education is also a new priority.

Chikupi Vocational School, Project Description (German)

Project Account:
Bank Account: Zanaco, Kafue Branch, Kafue, Zambia, Swift Code: ZNCOZMLU, Bank Code: 001, Branch Code: 58, Account No: 1904445500162, Account Holder: Chikupi Vocational Training Centre, P.O.Box 360 256 Kafue Town.