The SMB (represented by the Association Missionshaus Bethlehem) and the Partner Organisation Bethlehem (formerly SMB Association), founded on June 30, 2000 the “Bethlehem Mission Immensee” (BMI), which was responsible for the continuation of missionary activities. On June 25, 2011, BMI became an independent legal institution and the SMB joined it as a collective member.

On November 12, 2016 BMI changed its name to COMUNDO. At the same time a new association BMI was founded. Together with the Ticino counterpart INTER-AGIRE, this BMI co-sponsors COMUNDO.

BMI – Bethlehem Mission Immensee

The BMI (together with INTER-AGIRE) supports the activities of COMUNDO, amongst other things, both in an ideal and material manner. By assisting professionals before, during and after their deployment, and, in consultation with COMUNDO, carries out political lobbying and awareness-raising activities.

Thus, BMI adheres to the foundations laid down by the SMB and its partner network. From the preamble of the BMI statutes of November 11, 2016:

“The association BMI understands itself as – linked in history and objectives – in continuity with the long-term activity of the Bethlehem Mission Society (SMB), the SMB Association and the Partner Association. It supports the concerns of the preceding organizations in an updated form, open to the future”.

“For us faith, spirituality and socio-political commitment belong together. The liberating example of Jesus inspires us to find ways for a healthy, ecological and social life practice to name the causes of oppression and destruction and to work with and for those affected locally.”

Many members of the BMI are also members of the Friendship Circle SMB.


“The vision of COMUNDO is a world with an increase in social justice and well-being and a decrease of inequality for all people. This worldview also includes immaterial basic needs such as cultural world heritage, spiritual traditions, social life, political formation, self-realization and recreation”.  (From: www.comundo.org)

COMUNDO operates from branch offices in Lucerne, Fribourg and Bellinzona as well as from an office in Germany (Rottweil). At present, COMUNDO employs about 200 people, of whom about 100 are active in 7 countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. COMUNDO is the leading Swiss organization for personnel development cooperation (PEZA).