Mission in Dialogue

Books written by SMB members about missionary work.

Forum Mission

FORUM MISSION sees itself as an international platform for exchange and dialogue in the field of Missiology and related areas, such as religious studies.

NZM (New journal for mission science) – Supplements

NZM-Supplementa – Deutsch
NZM-Supplementa – Français
NZM-Supplements – English

In the series SUPPLEMENTA more extensive works appear, which should serve both mission science and missionary practice. They deal with basic research (mission theology and missionary history), with questions of inculturation in pastoral care and liturgy as well as issues of religious studies.

NZM (New journal for mission science) – Monographic series

In the Monographic Series, smaller publications are published on the same topic, which appeared for the most part as a series of articles in the “NEW JOURNAL OF MISSION SCIENCE”.

Other publications

Publications of SMB members and about SMB members which are not published in the above series.